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Spilordner til Zombicide: Black Plague/Green Horde (Go7 Gaming) (ZBP-001)

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This insert, designed for the Zombicide: Black Plague/Green Horde base game box, stores everything from the base game. The insert provides eight (8) removable trays, providing storage for all ZBP components with room to spare for future extras (Kickstarter, convention, etc.)

This insert provides:

  • a tile storage area that also provides six mini storage compartments for your heroes, plus top.
  • a token box for storing your tokens, plus top
  • two small storage trays for cards (sleeved or unsleeved) that stack together and include a top to protect your cards when stored
  • two small minis storage bins with our innovative dividers and cross dividers, allowing for bulk or single minis storage
  • large minis storage tray with dividers
  • large player dashboards storage tray that has extra room for more dashboards, cardboard tiles, etc., plus top
  • etched dividers and etched tabs for organizing your cards and zombie minis

The Zombicide: Black Plague/Green Horde storage solution is designed with expansion in mind. The recently released Wulfsburg expansion fits fine in this insert, with the following notes:

  • The additional player dashboards will fit in the insert, but they will not allow the tray top to be used anymore. All ten dashboards will create a couple of millimeters box top lift. Nine creates almost not lift. If you choose to store only eight player dashboards, the dashboards tray top can be used and all is fine.
  • The two additional tiles store fine in the tile tray.
  • Plenty of room for the new cards.
  • Plenty of room to store the new manual on top as well.
  • Plenty of room for the new minis.

So, if you own Z:BP+Wulfsburg retail, there is plenty of room for everything in this single solution and everything stores fine and works as intended if you only put eight of the ten player dashboards in the dashboards tray. If you store nine of the dashboards in the solution, you can’t use the dashboards tray lid, but everything stores fine. Storing ten player dashboards will cause some box top lift.

Product Notes

  • This insert provides eight (8) removable trays – 1x large tray for player dashboards, 1x large tray for minis, 2x small trays for minis, 2x card trays, 1x token tray for use during setup and play, and a map tile base with miniatures storage. This insert is specifically designed with room on top for your rulebooks.
  • This insert can store sleeved or unsleeved cards.
  • This insert is constructed of HDF (wood product) and is natural colored. HDF does not contain a wood grain as it is a constructed wood product.
  • Insert assembly requires some wood glue and about 55 minutes of assembly time.
  • This product is not officially licensed.  All marks are the property of their respective owners.