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Warage Card Game

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Oprindelig pris €22,95 - Oprindelig pris €22,95
Oprindelig pris
€22,95 - €22,95
Nuværende pris €22,95

Antal spillere: 2 - 4

Alder: 10+

Spilletid: ca. 15 min.

Warage is an exciting turn-based strategic card game - up to 1,040 cards in one box, 2-6 Players, deck construction and strategy: get ready to rumble. 

You are a solitary Hero fighting to survive in a world once afflicted by ancient wars between Races (Orcs, Elves, Humans, etc.). To survive get the most powerful equipment you can find, such as handcrafted swords and shields, magic scrolls or hi-tech weapons produced by a now-gone civilisation. Defend yourself and defeat your opponents. Are you ready to fight?
The key mechanics of the game are based on the Hero's 100 Hit Points (HP): in order to play any card you have to pay its cost in HP. During your round you can equip your Hero with the items you have in our hand and you can attack your opponent(s) either through Physical Attacks or Magic Attacks. You can also sell some equipment, gaining back some HP...but will this be enough to save you from being defeated?

Create your Hero by choosing one of the available Class and Race cards and construct your deck by picking any other card - you should have at least 55 cards in your deck. And don't worry, you will already have 3 copies of each card, this is not a collectible game.

4 pre-built decks
110 additional cards

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