Valeria: Card Kingdoms (2nd Edition)

Valeria: Card Kingdoms (2nd Edition)

Valeria: Card Kingdoms (2nd Edition)

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Antal spillere: 1-5
Alder: 13+
Spilletid: ca. 45 min.

This new edition of the Valeria: Card Kingdoms base game has a new system of tracker boards, tokens, and +10 markers to count resources, and the box's plastic insert will have a special well to store the track boards. VCK2E also includes a new set of monster-based event cards that were not part of the original game components.

Vile monsters plague the kingdom of Valeria. Use Strength to slay minions like pesky Goblins... and beasts like the mighty Owlbear... to earn rewards. Then, defeat the boss in each area to clear the land and earn rewards based on the amount of monsters you've killed in that area.

Players start with 1 Peasant and 1 Knight. Throughout the game you and your friends will gather Gold to build a tableau of loyal citizens like the hard-working Butcher... the magical Paladin... or the brutal Mercenary.

In a single game, there are 10 different citizens to choose from, plus almost all of them have alternate cards with different characters and different effects… a total of 18 different citizens to choose from so every game will present you with different options and different challenges. No two games will be alike.

Once you've hired the right combination of citizens, you can buy powerful domains like the Village - that produces gold for you every round... or the Castle - that lets you manipulate the dice.

Playing Valeria: Card Kingdoms is simple and intuitive. Players take turns rolling the dice. All citizens are activated with the result of each die and the sum of both dice. When you roll the dice, you trigger the ability on the left for your citizens… and all of the other players with matching citizens trigger the abilities on the right. That’s right! Everyone benefits when the dice are rolled. It’s even possible that your friends will reap greater benefits that you on your own turn.

At the end of the game, reveal your Duke and count up all of your Victory Points to see who will become... the next king of Valeria.

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