Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set (7) - Q-Workshop

Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set (7) - Q-Workshop
Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set (7) - Q-Workshop

Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set (7) - Q-Workshop

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Starfinder Dead Suns Dice Set

Sometimes there is to not enough space on Golarion so Space is the only choice for all independent spirits. This calling of cosmic adventures is center of the new RPG setting from Paizo Inc. - Starfinder. They give you the new worlds. Q WORKSHOP gives you the new beautiful dice. We hope that this set will support you against the new dangers that threaten the Pact Worlds. This RPG Dice Set designed and manufactured by our best designers was crafted for the Paizo's Starfinder first Adventure Path - Dead Suns. The sophisticated dice’s box contains seven polyhedral dice, engraved with beautiful sci-fi pattern, reminding of the distant galaxies, constellations, nebulae and cosmic dust. Blue dice, made with high quality plastic covered with orange paintings will instantly catch the eye of all players around the table and help them immerse in the new universe. Ready for the galactic adventure in the vast space? Roll those quaint dice and claim your destiny!

Dead Suns Adventure Path

Dead Suns is the first Adventure Path released for Starfinder Roleplaying Game, featuring six episodes, with the storyline keeping players in suspense during whole time of gameplay. Dead in the title means thrilling adventures, deadly struggles for heroes, and a threat for whole universe. If your dice rolls are not successful not only suns will be dead. Each chapter contains new challenges to face, mysteries to solve and next step to doom or saving the galaxy. Feeling brave enough to take part in those quests? Move to the fantastic world of Starfinder. Grab your dice set and start playing!

Starfinder Dead Suns To Do list:


  • Find a new ship. OK. Not necessarily new (Incident at Absalom Station)
  • Learn something about the Xenoarchaeology on the Elven University (Temple of the Twelve)
  • Dont’t panic, even if you are between the devil and the deep blue see (Splintered Worlds)
  • Be a hero, even if nobody believes in you (The Ruined Clouds)
  • Find: What is the Stellar Degenerator? (The Thirteenth Gate)
  • Don’t lose hope, even if it looks like it’s your Last Stand (Empire of Bones).


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