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Spilordner til The Dresden Files (Broken Token) (ORG048)

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Product Description

By a twist of fate you have a new ally for The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game from Evil Hat Productions, with an officially licensed organizer by The Broken Token. This organizer is designed to hold the Kickstarter base game with room for expansions. The card lanes support sleeved cards and include 6 adjustable dividers to hold your character dividers, player decks and book decks. There are two token trays to hold the different counter tokens and fate dice. The token trays include lids that easily slide in place to secure the components. Time to stand up and fight the darkness with your new kit from or from your friendly local gaming store.


  • Accommodates the following expansions: Wardens Attack, Ra Crossover, Mouse & Variants, Helping Hands, and Fan Favorites, with room for more.
  • Features 2 removable token trays with lids.
  • Supports sleeved cards.
  • Includes 6 adjustable dividers.

Download ORG048 Assembly Instructions

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.


This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game by Evil Hat Productions. Evil Hat Productions and the Evil Hat logo is a trademark of Evil Hat Productions, Silver Spring, MD 20901 The Dresden Files Cooperative Card Game is based upon the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and used under license for the card game, all rights reserved.