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Spilordner til Oceanos (Broken Token)(ORG068)

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Product Description

oceanos-logo-v1.pngThere’s plenty to see when your thousands of leagues under the sea. Spend less time setting up and more time exploring with the official Broken Token organizer for Oceanos from Iello. 2 large trays hold all the subs. A card tray separates by rounds. Token tray holds the Kraken, fuel, and diver tokens, as well as the 5 player aids. A mini treasure chest stores the treasure tokens waiting to be discovered!

NOTE: There are 2 slightly different box sizes. The organizer is designed to fit snugly in the smaller box and with a small amount of wiggle room in the larger box. The smaller box will experience a small amount of lid lift.


  • Features 6 removable token trays.
  • Supports sleeved cards.
  • Includes exclusive treasure chest to store treasure tokens.
  • Accommodates Daisy promo.

Outer organizer dimensions: 11.55" x 11.57" x 2.86"

Download ORG068 Oceanos Organizer.

This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Oceanos by IELLO. ©2017 The Broken Token. IELLO, Oceanos and their logos are trademark of IELLO USA LLC, 5550 Painted Mirage Road, Suite 320, Las Vegas, NV 89149.