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Product Description

Feel like you want to burn your game boxes to the ground? Avoid a real call to the fire department with the officially licensed Flash Point: Fire Rescue crate by The Broken Token. Six removable trays hold all the tokens for the base game, expansions and promo items. An out-of-the-way 4” tall storage pocket allows easy access for all your game boards.


  • 6 removable trays
  • 4" game board storage pocket
  • Miniature storage
  • Holds base game and following expansions with room for more and promo items:
    • Dangerous Waters
    • Extreme Danger
    • 2nd Story
    • Urban Structures
    • Honor & Duty

Assembled size: 12.1" x 9" x 7.1"

Download GCA009 Assembly instructions.

For more general tips on assembly, please read our Assembly Guide.



This is an officially licensed box organizer compatible with Flash Point: Fire Rescure by Indie Boards & Cards. Indie Boards & Cards, Flash Point: Fire Rescue and their logo are trademarks of Indie Boards & Cards, 809 Kozera Dr., San Jose, CA 95136